Executive Recruitment

Best Employee Experience Programme

We believe in valuing our staff at all times. With this in mind we have developed what our employees call our ‘Best Employee Experience (BEE) programme’.

The objective of this is to bring together all our own best practice, plus outside learning, to deliver on our commitment of creating valued and effective relationships.

We aim to support our employees by providing the development and learning required for them to BEE their best. In a high performance organisation, delivering great results is not about just getting outcomes right. It is also about the way in which they are achieved.  Increasingly we aim to be a place where people are measured on how they do things as much as on what they achieve.

With this in mind our ‘BEE Valued’ scheme has been designed to measure employees’ behaviours in the workplace through monthly one to ones and annual appraisals against our five core Council values:

  • Excellence 
  • Trust 
  • Respect 
  • Pride
  • Growth

The objectives of the 'BEE Valued' scheme is to provide a formal opportunity for the employee and manager to review aspects of performance and behaviours on a regular basis. 

We believe this process gives everyone the best opportunity to grow whilst making the best contribution possible towards the Council’s values and goals. 

We will work with you to identify your individual training, development and career needs. You will also be given the opportunity to advance within the organisation and potentially second into a different area of the business.